Leticias 150g

2.80 I.V.A Incluido

An irresistible combination of flavors, the flavor of orange and the chocolate coating, makes these candied orange slices a curious food, perfect to take on any occasion. Without a doubt the perfect combination between fruit and chocolate. What a great combination!

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X = 13 cm
Y = 8 cm
Z = 9 cm


X = 19 cm
Y = 17.3 cm
Z = 40 cm

1.8 Kg

12 U


X = 80 cm
Y = 200 cm
Z = 120 cm.

237.6 Kg

132 U

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg


Naranja confitada (55%) (Naranja, jarabe de glucosa y fructosa, azúcar, sulfitos y acidulante E-330). Cobertura de chocolate (45%) (Azúcar, manteca de cacao, pasta de cacao, emulgente: lecitina de soja y aroma: vainillina). Cacao: 56% Mínimo en chocolate.

Nutritional values