Tropical 150g

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We travel to the most tropical areas without leaving home! A new experience for your palate in which sugar, honey, toasted almonds and a mix of tropical fruits are mixed, without a doubt, a flavor that will not leave anyone indifferent. Also presented in an attractive and colorful packaging. The perfect gift!

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X = 19 cm
Y = 9 cm
Z = 2.5 cm


X = 19 cm
Y = 17.3 cm
Z = 40 cm

3.6 Kg

24 U


X = 80 cm
Y = 200 cm
Z = 120 cm.

475.2 Kg

132 U

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Weight 0.150 kg


Sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, tropical and forest fruits (17.5%): (dehydrated pineapple (3.5%): (fresh pineapple, cane sugar, acidulant E-330 and preservative (E-223 ), dehydrated mango (3.5%): (fresh mango, cane sugar, acidulant E-330 and preservative E-220), dehydrated papaya (3.5%): (fresh papaya, cane sugar and preservative E- 220), cranberries (3.5%): (sugar, cranberries and sunflower oil) and black cranberries (3.5%): (cranberries, sugar and sunflower oil), almonds (15%), honey, wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil), egg white and aroma.

Nutritional values

Nougat de Almendras con Frutas Tropicales