Truffled Chocolate 200 g

3.00 I.V.A Incluido

The perfect nougat for chocolate lovers, our truffled chocolate nougat, one of those unforgettable flavors that both adults and children will enjoy. Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate!

Discover the irresistible fusion of truffled chocolate nougat inside and an outside covered with dark chocolate.

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X = 19 cm
Y = 9 cm
Z = 2.5 cm


X = 19 cm
Y = 17.3 cm
Z = 40 cm

4.8 Kg

24 U


X = 80 cm
Y = 200 cm
Z = 120 cm.

633.6 Kg

132 U

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Weight 0.200 kg


Cocoa paste, sugar, condensed milk (milk, sugar), non-hydrogenated vegetable palm fat, cocoa butter, glucose-fructose syrup, stabilizer: sorbitol, emulsifier: soy lecithin, preservative: potassium sorbate, natural vanilla flavor . Minimum cocoa 35%

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