Crunchy Almonds Nougat 200 g. Extra Quality

2.75 I.V.A Incluido

The classic crunchy turron with a crunchy texture so you can enjoy your favorite turron at any time and a smell that will transport you to those special moments. A good turron!

Made with almonds (46%), sugar, honey and egg white to achieve that white color so characteristic of the classic crunchy turron

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X = 19 cm
Y = 9 cm
Z = 2.5 cm


X = 19 cm
Y = 17.3 cm
Z = 40 cm

4.8 Kg

24 U


X = 80 cm
Y = 200 cm
Z = 120 cm.

633.6 Kg

132 U

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Weight 0.200 kg


Almonds (46%), sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, honey, wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil) and egg white.

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