Assorted Pralines Single Twist 2.5Kg

Only for chocolate lovers! A few small crunchy bites of chocolate irresistible to the palate. You will find them with different flavors, almond bonbon with almond pieces, hazelnut bonbon with whole hazelnut and crunchy bonbon filled with chocolate cream and gluten-free cereals.

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X = 20 cm
Y = 10 cm
Z = 40 cm

2.5 Kg


X = 80 cm
Y = 200 cm
Z = 120 cm.

420 Kg

168 U

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Weight 2.5 kg


 BOMBÓN ALMENDRA. Cobertura exterior de chocolate con leche (caco mínimo 35%) Azúcar, manteca de cacao, leche en polvo desnatada, leche en polvo entera, pasta de cacao, almendra (7%), emulgente (E322: lecitina de soja) y aroma de vainilla.

HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE. External coverage of milk chocolate (minimum caco 35%)
Sugar, hazelnut (16%), cocoa butter, vegetable fat (soy), skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey, cocoa paste, semi-shelled cocoa powder. Emulsifier E322 (soy lecithin) and hazelnut aroma.

CRISPY CHOCOLATE. External coverage of milk chocolate (minimum caco 35%)
Sugar, vegetable fat (palm, coconut and soy), cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, whey, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, defatted cocoa powder, gluten-free cereals (5%) (rice flour , sucrose, dextrose and salt), emulsifier E322 (soy lecithin) and flavor.

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Bombones Lazo Surtidos