Somewhere in La Mancha, a region lined with historic routes and towns brimming with historical, artistic, and gastronomic interest, stands Tobarra. This land, home to the most famous knight errant Don Quixote of La Mancha, hides wonder and astonishment in every corner, including the magnificent sweets and nougat made here, a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.
Our company was founded in 1984 by people with experience inherited from three generations linked to the nougat industry. When we first started out, we focused on the domestic market, but gradually we have expanded internationally and our products have been extremely well received in different markets, increasing our sales volumes year after year, requiring us to expand and grow, and to purchase more productive machinery. In 1999, in light of the insufficient production capacity of our existing premises, we decided to build a new factory with the latest industry technology, which would enable us to meet growing demand, and we also purchased adjacent land for subsequent expansion.